Business of Medicine

MS Patients on Medicare Face Rising Costs

Complex rules are forcing Medicare patients diagnosed with MS to pay vastly more for care, new research finds.

Under the rules, patients must pay...

Gastroenterology at a Glance

Gastroenterological conditions pose wide-ranging challenges to researchers and clinicians. Here are some data about this field.

Blazing a Simple Path to Solid Finances

The intricacies of finance — especially for physicians — are manifold and not easy to master.

Physician Salaries See Substantial Gains, Survey Finds

Specialists and primary care physicians (PCPs) alike experienced average salary increases of at least one-fifth from 2015 through 2019, according to the most recent Medscape Physician Compensation Report.

Medical Real Estate

The Physician Shortage and Medical Real Estate

The looming physician shortage poses challenges to the medical real estate market and calls for a nimble response from providers and the...